30 Jan '16

Bamboo Sheets Appreciated after Kayaking in the Kawartha’s

Posted by Sonia Shron

Like many people, my husband Van loves the great outdoors. Every summer, for almost a decade, Van has gone on a kayaking trip with a few friends. On one particular trip, before I sent him on his way, I prepared him a beautiful lunch complete with one of my scrumptious roast beef sandwiches. Little did I know that my tempting lunch would play a part in a most unexpected turn of events.

Kayaking down Nogies Creek in the Kawartha’s the group noticed a bear running past them in the bush. Surprised by the sight of the bear, Van and his friends carefully followed its progress through the bush and watched amazed as the bear swam across the creek right in front of them at a speed their kayaks could never have matched... Phew! Seems the bear was even more scared than they were. Catastrophe avoided! Or so they thought...

After another hour of kayaking to put some distance between the bear and the group, they settled down for lunch. In his tired and hungry state and in this new location dictated by the bear encounter, Van’s clever choice of a resting place was a poison ivy patch. Like most, he had an allergic reaction and spent the rest of the day in increasing stages of discomfort.

By the time he arrived home, he had developed a terrible rash on his legs and was covered in hives from the waist up (thankfully excluding his face and neck). Needless to say, his skin was super sensitive – even our finest cotton sheets felt like sand paper and his cotton t-shirts were prickly and un-wearable. Were it not for our bamboo sheets and a set of old bamboo pajamas (and a heavy dose of prednisone), Van would have suffered through two weeks of sleepless nights. But the amazingly soft and non-abrasive nature of bamboo fabric soothed his irritated skin and provided the comfort he needed during the healing period.

It is impossible to articulate the difference bamboo sheets really make. The natural softness and breathability of this bedding is simply unbeatable. You have to experience it for yourself. As Van says, “If everyone knew how wonderful this bamboo product really is, they would never sleep on anything else.”  

Sonia Shron

President: Bamboo Sheets and More.

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