About Us

Bamboo Sheets and More introduces our bamboo sheets and other luxury bedding and personal care items designed for your personal comfort.

When we discovered bamboo fabric in Southeast Asia in 2004 we were amazed how wonderfully soft it was. It was immediately clear to us that it would be an excellent fabric for apparel and bedding.

Further investigation indicated that bamboo fabric was surprisingly breathable (i.e. it transported moisture very well) and that bamboo plant tissue was a very environmentally friendly source of fiber. Breathability and silky softness meant that bamboo bedding would be comfortable to sleep in. Environmental friendliness was consistent with our corporate mission.

Little did we know that bamboo sheets, would turn out to be the best bedding that our customers and our corporate family had ever slept on. You will have to experience bamboo sheets yourself to understand the veracity of this statement.

The "more" in bamboosheets&more.com, enabled us to introduce some truly luxurious bedding and personal care items. Our Mulberry silk duvets (or comforters), Canadian Hutterite white goose down duvets, bamboo towels and TrueStuff organic cotton bedding are second to none for luxurious personal comfort, and they will not disappoint. Our duvet cover patterns in the TrueStuff Collection will complement the finest décor. TrueStuff has a highly regarded European GOTS organic certification.

Join our family of bedding and personal care experts by becoming a customer. We treat family members very well.

We have offices in Washington DC and Ontario, Canada which enable us to service both our American and Canadian customers directly. We have shipped our luxury bamboo sheets and personal care items all around the world, including England, France, Australia and Hong Kong.

We can always be reached at 1 844 871-1576