12 Apr '16

The Mulberry Silk Duvet: What’s Inside Really Does Matter and Care Instructions

Posted by Naama Bar-David
Mulberry Silk Duvet Bamboo Sheets and More

You may never have considered it, but what’s inside your duvet matters.

Mulberry silk duvets are made of the finest silk, providing the ultimate in sleep comfort. The best duvets are great insulators, yet are light, airy and breathable. A Mulberry silk duvet scores 10 out of 10 on all points.

Your Mulberry silk duvet will drape beautifully to the contours of your body and allow for free and easy movement while you sleep. It is the only type of duvet that knowledgeable people in the bedding business would recommend for four season comfort (just like our bamboo sheets).

We are often asked why we use the more expensive Mulberry silk as a fill for our silk duvets. When silk worms are fed Mulberry leaves, the silk filaments that are produced are very long and odourless unlike those in lower quality silk. The longer silk filaments help stabilize the silk fill inside the duvet by limiting fill migration or bulking, and help prevent the formation of sparse cold spots. The purer nature of Mulberry silk imparts a wonderfully fresh feel to your silk duvet. Come summer or winter, this beautiful bedding item will not disappoint. It will keep you luxuriously comfortable and at the perfect temperature for a great night’s sleep.

Mulberry silk is non-allergenic and the best choice for those who suffer from allergies or skin sensitivities. It is anti-microbial and, as a result, easy to maintain. As long as you protect your silk duvet with a duvet cover and avoid soiling, regular cleaning is not necessary.

To ensure that your luxurious four-season Mulberry silk duvet will last you a long time, just follow these easy care tips:

Tip 1: Because silk is anti-microbial, silk duvets when properly covered, never really require cleaning. Just air-out your silk duvet in indirect sunlight (in the shade on a sunny day) two or three times a year.

Tip 2: Protective bamboo duvet covers are the perfect complement to our Mulberry silk duvets. They will never compromise the duvets’ breathability and lightweight qualities.

Tip 3: Never machine-wash or hand-wash a silk duvet in water. If necessary, the duvet may be dry-cleaned. Ask your drycleaner to run the silk duvet twice through his dryer to help remove trace distillate

Enjoy your Mulberry silk duvet. You deserve it!

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